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Acqua Santa Thermal Baths

Discover the Acqua Santa and Acqua Santissima

The Aqua Santa spring is located within the park bearing the same name, which extends in all its beauty over 7 hectares of paths surrounded by nature, flowerbeds and ancient trees.
What Acqua Santa is good for
The Acqua Santa is a thermal and mineral water classified as containing bicarbonate-sulphate and calcium. Drinking the water has a strong purifying and detoxifying effect and stimulates the metabolism. It is also very useful for cases of extended pharmacological therapies.
The treatment cycles, which last at least 12 days, are recognized by the National Health Service (according to the modalities prescribed by doctors), as they are especially useful for pathologies of the liver and of the bile ducts. Furthermore, the Acqua Santa helps with digestion and to absorb fats.
Not just Santa, but even Santissima
In the Terme di Chianciano you will also find the Acqua Santissima, a hypothermal bicarbonate-sulphate-calcium-alkaline-earthy water flowing from its spring at a temperature of 24°C.
It is highly appreciated for inhalations and aerosol therapy for adults and children alike, nasal douches and insufflation. In light of its noteworthy anti-inflammatory, mucolytic and respiratory tract sedation effects, it is very useful for treating rhinitis, sinusitis, tracheitis, laryngitis and chronic bronchitis, for which inhalation therapies with sulphur water can often be contraindicated.

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