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Montepulciano Thermal Baths

Just 3 km away from the Hotel, discover the wellness and beauty of the Montepulciano Thermal Baths

The town of Montepulciano, well-known for its landscape and the famous Noble Wine, has another major vocation: its thermal baths. If you love spending a wellness holiday in Tuscany, choose the Villa Luca Hotel: from here, in addition to enjoying the vast thermal offer in Chianciano Terme, you can also organize further days dedicated to wellness and health in the Montepulciano Thermal Baths located in the town of Sant'Albino).
The Montepulciano thermal baths
The sulphurous and bromide waters (rich in carbon dioxide) coming from the ground below the structure are perfect not just as a cure, but also as an important means of prevention. In the Montepulciano thermal baths you can obtain indications for a more relaxing lifestyle and follow therapeutic itineraries designed to ensure your health.

Beneficial effects

Thanks to the active principles of sulphur and bromide, the Montepulciano Thermal Centre offers many different types of cures, ideal for treating respiratory diseases, rheumatic pathologies and skin problems.
The Montepulciano waters fluidize mucous secretions and have precious antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. These cures cover a fundamental preventive function for small children and can be followed even during the first year of life, for the purpose of making children more resistant to respiratory infections.
Vascular and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
The Rehabilitation Centre offers a thermal swimming pool, alternated temperature vascular treatments and fully equipped gyms for rehabilitation following orthopaedic and vascular operations (both of the arterial and venous type), as well as for sports traumatology.
Rheumatic Pathologies
The waters and muds of the Montepulciano thermal baths have beneficial effects against the main rheumatic diseases, above all arthrosis, osteoporosis and other extra-articular rheumatisms.
In the Montepulciano Thermal Baths you can receive a precise diagnosis and cure obstructive bronchopulmonary pathologies such as asthma and pulmonary emphysema.
Dermatology and gynaecology
The thermal waters of Montepulciano are indicated for treating eczemas, dermatitis, psoriasis and can also be useful for curing some female genital pathologies.
Physical therapy
By combining specific exercises, manual therapies and thermal treatments, you will have the possibility of finding quick relief from your problems and of maintaining this newly found state of well-being over the course of time.
Thermal therapies are particularly indicated for children suffering from frequent bronchitis. The Montepulciano waters are very good for all respiratory and ear-nose-throat pathologies; they usually ensure excellent results in the treatment of rhinitis and tonsillitis.
Plan your next wellness holiday: Tuscany and the Chianciano and Montepulciano Thermal Baths await you!

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