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Sillene Thermal Baths

Therapeutic baths and muds in the thermal springs known since the age of the Etruscans

The hill of Chianciano Terme, where the Etruscans celebrated their rituals, is where the spring of the Sillene water is located. This water, which flows from its source at a temperature of 38.5°C, is an important aid for balneotherapy, for preparing thermal muds and in therapies addressing liver problems and vascular and rheumatic pathologies.
Composition of the Sillene Water
The Sillene Water is rich in carbon dioxide and has an opaque look, due to its high levels of calcium carbon, bicarbonate and sulphates.
The presence of bicarbonate, calcium and sulphates ensures beneficial effects for skin: therefore, bathing in this water has therapeutic effects on skin diseases such as dermatitis.
Treatment methods
Thanks to its chemical characteristics and ideal temperature, the Sillene Water is particularly indicated for toning baths or therapeutic muds. The mud consists of clay “matured” in thermal water and heated to a temperature of up to 48°C.
A line of cosmetics was recently developed from the Sillene spring, ideal for those who love the natural beauty of their own skin.
The Sillene water feeds the Theia Thermal Baths
Water from the Sillene spring is channelled and sprayed into the brand new Theia Thermal Pools. Thus, the Sillene establishment offers a perfect combination of treatments and wellness.
The Theia thermal pools extend over a 500 square meter surface and consist of four outdoor pools and three indoor ones. The many water games, hydro-massages and services make this establishment the most beloved by families and young visitors alike.

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