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Sant'Elena Thermal Baths

Discovering the Sant’Elena spring

The Villa Luca Hotel is the closest structure to the Sant'Elena Spring (just 200 meters away), one of the Chianciano thermal waters.
This spring is located approximately 550 meters above sea level, surrounded by oaks, cypresses and olive trees which create a perfect frame for your moments of wellness and health, also offering you a splendid view looking onto the Chiusi, Montepulciano and Trasimeno lakes and onto the outline of mount Amiata.
Why the Sant’Elena Thermal Baths are good for you
The low mineral Sant'Elena water is a bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy water which contains a balanced quantity of mineral salts, rare gases and is rich in bicarbonates.
Thanks to these characteristics, the Sant'Elena water lowers the uric acid metabolism, improving diuresis and purifying the body from any toxic substances.
This is why following the hydroponics treatment (drinking the water) with Sant’Elena water is recommended for curing diseases of the kidneys, of the urinary tract and of the digestive system.
How to drink thermal water
It is best to drink the Sant’Elena water at natural temperature, possibly on an empty stomach in the morning and after digesting during the afternoon. During this interval, walking in the park is an ideal activity, given that walking favours diuresis and circulation in the kidneys.

Finally, keep in mind that this treatment should ideally be followed twice per year, during therapeutic cycles lasting no less than 12-15 days.
Choose the right life rhythm
Do not forget that wellness is also a condition of the soul. This is why, in addition to thermal treatments, your holiday in Chianciano Terme should offer you the occasion for granting yourself a period of rest, to regain a regular lifestyle and to combine the treatments with a controlled, high-quality diet.

And this is precisely what we offer in the Villa Luca Hotel, the home of well-being.

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