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Sensory Thermal Baths

5 senses and 5 elements (water, fire, earth, air, ether). The Sensory Thermal Baths, unique on the Italian territory, are a triumph of feelings

Only in Chianciano Terme can you experience the emotions of the Sensory Thermal Baths, by following guided itineraries or freely creating your own to stimulate all your senses and live moments of deep relaxation.
If you are planning your next wellness holiday in Tuscany, make sure you don’t miss this opportunity.

4 itineraries to rebalance the mind and the body

If you prefer, you can refer directly to the expertise and opinion of expert naturopaths and follow one of 4 specific itineraries:
Relaxation path
Designed for those who suffer from anxiety, migraines, stress and to alleviate muscular and skeletal tension.
Rebalancing path
An itinerary studied specifically to restore harmony in the body, the mind and the spirit via an alternation of emotional showers, a sensory pool, a melmarium with relaxing clay, a calidarium and more.
Energizing path
An itinerary designed to aid with problems related to tiredness, low energy, but also reduced immune defences, uncertainty, insomnia, psycho-physical weakness in general and panic attacks.
Purification path
Studied to eliminate toxins, remedy unhealthy lifestyles, the use of medications, etc. This itinerary drains and purifies the body, while also providing positive effects for the skin.
20 treatments
Access to the Sensory Thermal Baths lasts for approximately 3 hours, during which you can move freely between the various parts of the wellness area, according to which you prefer.
  • Energizing aromatherapy
  • Relaxing aromatherapy
  • Turkish bath
  • Calidarium
  • River walk
  • Chromotherapy
  • Contrasting showers
  • Sensory showers
  • Grotto of the spring
  • Ice crash
  • Melmarium
  • Music therapy
  • Cold steam mists
  • Energy pyramid
  • Etruscan sauna
  • Finnish sauna
  • Room of inner silence
  • Saltwater pool
  • Sensory pool
  • Relaxation pools

What you need to know

The Sensory Thermal Baths are located in the Acqua Santa Park in Chianciano Terme, in front of Piazza Martiri Perugini, where you can park free of charge.
Inside the Sensory Thermal Baths you will be supplied with a courtesy kit including a dressing gown, a large towel, shampoo, shower gel and moisturizing cream, so you will only need to bring your own: swimming costume, slippers and shower cap.
Children under the age of 12 cannot access the baths, but just 200 meters away is a recreation centre where your little ones will be looked after by a specialized staff.
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