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Fucoli Thermal Baths

A day in the Fucoli Park, dedicated to walks in nature and wellness

The Fucoli Park is located in front of the Aqua Santa Park, and the two parks are connected by an underpass.
At the centre of the park is the spring of the Fucoli Water, the source of the thermal water. The water was recently channelled from this spring to the Acqua Santa Park, where it is currently available.
Characteristics and therapeutic properties
The Fucoli water contains bicarbonate-sulphur-calcium and is classified as cold mineral water, given that it comes from the spring at a temperature of 16.5°C.
It is best to drink this water in the afternoon, after digesting, and it favours the outflow of bile. It is also indicated for regularizing intestinal mobility and as an anti-inflammatory for the gastroduodenal mucous.
Given that it is rich in calcium, Fucoli Water also helps prevent osteoporosis.
Beauty within and on the outside
In addition to the wellness deriving from its hydroponics treatment, the Fucoli Park is also more than worth visiting, given that its green and lush nature truly favours relaxation and health.
In the park you can also play tennis, bowls and mini-golf. Furthermore, there are specific areas with inflatable games for children, ping pong tables, wooden playing structures and much more.
The park also features the Palamontepaschi, a structure hosting events, conferences and shows.
Plan a holiday dedicated to nature and health in Chianciano Terme, in a hotel near the Fucoli Park and the Acqua Santa Park.

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